Farmer/Vendor Admittance Policies

As a non-profit farmers’ cooperative, the VCCFMA provides traditional farmers’ markets with an emphasis on agricultural and food items and a limited ancillary or processed food section in their markets. To participate in a VCCFMA market all farmers and vendors must raise, catch, gather, grow or otherwise produce the product they sell. The VCCFMA does not allow commissioned sales, mass produced arts & crafts, wholesale merchandise or resales of any kind to participate in the certified farmers’ markets. These policies insure that the VCCFMA is serving the direct marketing program and providing an environment that the consumer can feel confident in the integrity of the items being presented for sale.

It is recommended that you first visit the market you are interested in attending and introduce yourself to the market staff and if possible, bring samples of your products for their viewing. Our staff can assist you with an idea of the market’s needs and the type of consumer demographics this market serves and whether your product might be a good fit for this market.

Sorry, we can not provide spaces for public information groups, non profit sales, or fundraising opportunities as a Department of Agriculture program.